Friday, August 2, 2019

Star Struck: UFDC 70th Annual Convention - Nashville TN, 2019, Part 8 - The End

Saturday was finally here! I was up bright and early and down to the Helper Room by 6:30AM to help with the set-up of the Helper Drawing. This is one of my favorite events of convention. Love it when people win items and are happy with their wins. Sadly, I did not win any Helpers this year. Not even the Effanbee John Wayne doll. Sad face. Good news, it meant I did not have to use my extra collapsible suitcase.

After all the tickets were pulled, I took a quick peek at the Publishers' Preview and had lunch with a friend at the Jack Daniel's restaurant. I was really impressed with their hamburger and BBQ sauce. It was probably the most well cooked meal I had at the hotel.

We then headed down to the sales room for a last look.

We stopped by the Turn of the Century Antiques booth for a photo with the Virtual Doll Convention mascot doll.

There were two more programs available to see that afternoon, but I only went to one, Chatty Cathy: America's Favorite Talking Doll by Brian Taggerty. I was just too tired to sit through the next one. Instead, I went back to the room for a much needed and well-deserved nap.

Then it was time to get dressed up all pretty, pack my table favors, and head on down to set up for the Banquet. But first, I needed to photograph my table favors. For my first convention in 2012, I made cute little mouse and lion Kewpies as table favors. Since I had a few left, I decided to make some more and get rid of them all at this convention. 

Ta daaaa! They turned out pretty well.

The Banquet tables were simply decorated.

After a delicious dinner with old friends and new, and tribute payed to Ray Baker who was stepping down from running the Banana Crew after 37 years, it was time to open our souvenir dolls.

Meet Little Miss Star Struck by R. John Wright.

She was the perfect end to a stressful, but fun convention.

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