Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Imperial Palace and Doll Hunting in Akihabara

We walked around downtown Tokyo a bit yesterday, since the weather was nice (overcast and occasional drizzle, but boy, was it humid). We walked a bit around the Imperial Palace outer garden and then went doll accessories hunting in Akihabara.

Tokyo Station.

Outer gate.

The moat.

A swan!

A glimpse of the inner palace.

Once we got to Akihabara, we headed across the pedestrian bridge to Dolks - a store that sels BJD clothes and accessories.

We found a pair of heels that fit our 60cm Angel of Dream doll and a pair of boxers for the 60cm boy doll. It was a nice store with a good selection from a variety of vendors.

Tanuki temple near Dolks.

We then headed back over the bridge and visited the Azone store. One of these days I will have a Picco Neemo doll, they are so cute.

I was dismayed to find the building that the Volk's Dollfie store was in to be gone. The new building is an all Volk's 3 story building. Unfortunately, the Dollfie section won't be open until October. Sigh...