Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Star Struck: UFDC 70th Annual Convention - Nashville TN, 2019, Part 2

I forgot to mention in the previous post that another doll that accompanied me was a Willie Nelson paper doll that I printed and cut out from the Spring 2019 issue of Doll News, the official magazine of the UFDC. Here he is posing with a felt Miss Unity doll that was made by and given to me by Beck Rice, the head of the mini office. Isn't she adorable?

Tuesday morning, I lined up with lots of other conventioneers to enter my dolls into competition. I carried two tote bags with me. One held John and Paul in their Sgt. Pepper costumes, the other held Taffy the clown, Beauty Secrets Christie, Scott (Skipper's boyfriend), and Rosie O'Donnell. Since the theme of the convention was Star Struck, there were lots of celebrity categories in the competition.

I was done entering my dolls pretty quickly, so I was able to attend the first program of the convention: Personalities Plus by Elizabeth Ann Coleman. She talked about dolls that were based on real people with big personalities, some even scandalous.

In the afternoon I took a bus tour of the city of Nashville and was able to get a few quick picks through the window.


The site of sit-ins in the 60s.

The capital house.

The Parthenon.

That evening the opening ceremony was held and afterwards the salesroom was opened. I managed to walk around it quickly, but it was too crowded and busy to see much. Instead I went back to the room to get some rest.

Star Struck: UFDC 70th Annual Convention - Nashville TN, 2019, Part 1

The United Federation of Doll Clubs Inc. held their 70th annual convention at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN this past week. After last years major flight delay, I decided to fly on Sunday so I would not miss out on anything on Monday. My plan worked. I arrived at the scheduled time, was able to go to the nearby Rowbear Doll Show (for the first time ever, since I actually had the time this trip), had a leisurely dinner and went to bed early. 

My travel dolls for this trip were Licca, my usual, and Lia, last years convention souvenir doll. In this photo Lia is wearing Tonner Little MissMatched clothing and shoes.

The hotel is absolutely huge. It has 9 acres of gardens and waterfalls and many, many restaurants to choose from. Seriously. I ate at 7 of them and there were still more I didn't step foot into. 

On Monday I didn't have to be anywhere until 2PM, so I walked to the Willie Nelson and Friends Museum. It was nice to take the time and walk around the exhibit without needing to rush. I think I was the only person in the museum while I was there.

After touring the museum, I checked out the attached Nashville Souvenir Store. 

I even bought a souvenir for my home.

Yup, that is Willie's Pot Holder. I love a good pun.

Next door to the Museum is Cooter's (from Dukes of Hazzard) Garage, with the General Lee on display. And there you have two sides of Nashville in one place, the best - Willie Nelson, and the worst - good ol' boys and the Confederate flag.

That afternoon I volunteered at the mini-office. We sold tickets to events, helped convention members find their way around the building, and even had a bit of fun. We even had time to go to early registration and get our registration packets, bags, and convention journals. 

Later that evening was the "At Your Service Ice Cream Social and Fundraiser". It was nice to mingle with other convention goers in an informal setting. 

And then it was tine to retire for the night, for the next day would be the first official day of convention.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

A Little Bit Country

I fly to Nashville, TN this weekend for the UFDC Convention which takes place July 23rd through July 27th. Dolls have been carefully chosen for competition, event table favors were decided on, final banquet table favors were handmade, and all have been packed in my suitcases. 

This year I have decided to take with me two travel dolls. Lia, last year's convention souvenir doll, will be joining Licca, my regular travel doll, through all of my adventures. In honor of this, Lia needed some country and western duds so she wouldn't feel out of place in the home of country music.

As luck would have it, the Spring 2019 issue of Doll News (UFDC's magazine) had a simple pattern for just such an outfit in their Jr. Collector's Corner. I adapted the outfit a bit since the original pattern was meant for an 18" doll - like American Girl dolls, and I added my own flair to the outfit.

Now Lia is ready for her adventures.