Wednesday, May 23, 2018

MIM, Out of the Box

Today I took the MIM doll out of her box.

She is dressed as a modern Columbia, goddess of America.

Under the cardboard flap, in the box, was a hidden bag of goodies.

A sleeping bag, shirt, shorts, sandals, and brown eyes.

There was also another outfit, bunny pajamas. The set includes: shorts, top, jacket, a pair of over-the-knee socks, and slippers.

Under her skirt, she is wearing a pair of capris that could easily coordinate with either of the 2 outfits.

She has decent movement and can pat her head and rub her tummy.

Trying on her PJs.

I think she likes them.

She even tried out her sleeping bag. She is already for the next slumber party.

That is a lot of clothing to come with one event doll.

I bought an extra MIM outfit for her at the luncheon.

She totally rocks this look.

After trying on the outfits, I decided to give her a name, since she doesn't want to be called MIM all of the time.

Meet, Emma. Emma is one of the most popular names at the middle school that I sub at, along with Abigail and versions of Kyleigh. 

I decided to see what dolls in my collection are most similar in size to her. Ellowyne and Maudlynne are close.

Sasha is pretty close, too. I bet Sasha patterns could be altered really easily to fit Emma.