Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sindy's Halloween Treat

When I was a little girl, in the 70s, I fell in love with Sindy. She was like Barbie, but she had more of a hippie feel. She was marketed as pose-able! She could bend at the knees, like Barbie, but she also had joints in her arms, wrists, and ankles. Boy, did I want a Sindy, yet I never got one.

When I learned that Tonner was coming out with a vintage-style Sindy, I was hooked.

This is Sindy's Halloween Treat, from the 2014 Wilde Convention. Her face looks a lot like a vintage Sindy. She has big eyes, and a sweet expression.

Unfortunately, Tonner's Sindy doesn't have the pose-ability of the Sindy of my childhood dreams. Her arms and legs are only bendable at the shoulders and hips, and can only move in one direction.

The good news, is that even in kitten heels, she can stand by herself. 

Her body seems more realistically proportioned than some of my other dolls that are around the same height.

In fact, Hayden and Barbie's limbs are extremely thin compared to Sindy's.

Unfortunately, this means that outfit sharing is not in the future. I'm pretty sure she won't be able to wear vintage Sindy clothes, either.

She is a lovely doll, and a great representation of Sindy, but not as awesome as I hoped she would be.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Once Upon A Time

I love getting presents. It makes me happy to know that someone thought of me. I especially like when the present is a doll. A lot of people say that they don't know what type of doll I would like, and so don't get me dolls. My answer to that is I love dolls, and by giving me a doll, any doll, it means that the person tried to get me something I would love. 

A friend gave me these two beautiful dolls as a gift. I wouldn't have bought them for myself, and thus they are extra special. 

They are 17" porcelain Gold Key dolls.

First up is Snow White. Her outfit is lovely and detailed. She even has a magic mirror in her hand.
Snow is one of my favorite fairy tale women. When she finds out she is in danger, she tries to leave the situation, and gets a job. She even has compassion for a beggar and buys an apple. (Sure, the apple is poisoned...)

The second doll is Cinderella. 

This doll has blue slippers to match her dress, not glass (and not fur).

Her elaborate hair-do would be hard to maintain in real life. (She must use a lot of Aqua Net.)

I don't have a lot of Fairy Tale dolls in my collection, including these, I now have four. This thoughtful gift was much appreciated.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Everybody, Vogue!

It seems that I have become a Vogue Ginny collector.

I had one Ginny when I was young, Dutch Ginny, though I always wanted another to dress and undress. My Ginny dreams were never full filled, until the last couple of years. In three years of UFDC conventions, I have acquired 8 new Ginnys (and 1 Jill), much to my surprise.

All together.

Here we have: Miss 1930s, too; Roller Rink Ginny; Blue Confection Mini Ginny; and Ginny at Rockefeller Center.

Cowpoke Jill and Cowpoke Ginny.

And finally: Dress Me African American Vintage Ginny, A Ginny in a witch costume that I haven't found the name for yet, and Dress Me Blonde Vintage Ginny.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hobby-Off Finds

I got some Licca goodies today at the Hobby-Off. The first one is a miniature Licca at her vanity. Too adorable. 

She is designed to look like a vintage Licca.

The second treat I splurged on (for less than $6.00), is a Licca room/case.
It came with a vanity and stool, desk, chair, TV, laptop computer, coat rack, 2 rugs, 3 pillows, and a tiny perfume/make-up set.

Licca and her sisters decided to play in the room, together.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pretty in Purple

I finally started decorating for Halloween. Here are some of the dolls in their Halloween finest.

Licca is really tiny compared to the others.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Aloha, from Mai.

Meet Mai, an Island Yu*Mi doll from Hawaii. 

Mai is dressed as a pineapple, and according to her tag, "Mai loves to welcome all... a honi (kiss) on the cheek, the warm greetings we all seek".

She is about 7 inches tall and her plush material is soft and velvety. I fell in love with her, and had to bring her home from Hawaii.