Friday, August 2, 2019

Star Struck: UFDC 70th Annual Convention - Nashville TN, 2019, Part 7 - The Gardens

After a lite dinner at the Falls, I took a walk and explored the Garden and Delta areas.

Couples were being photographed in front of the falls, so while I waited for the path to clear, I decided to get some photos of Licca.

Yup, more Smurfs.

I stopped to watch the fountain show. The child in the blue shirt absolutely loved the show. He ran up to the edge of the area and was dancing and oohing and ahhing through the whole thing.

I then went to the Tennessee Ballroom area and talked to other convention goers while we waited for the open bar to open up before the "An Evening with R. John and Susan Wright" event. The bar line was chaotic, but I eventually procured a libation and found a seat in the ballroom. During the event, after an introduction by the outgoing president, the Wrights answered questions submitted by the audience.

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