Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Merry and Her New Summer Dress

I've already shared with you the outfit I made for the "By the Sea" themed Little Darling outfit exchange, so here is the outfit that one of the other members made for me.

This mumu/sundress is perfect for walking on the beach, or using as a bathing suit cover-up.

The crinkly ribbons remind me of seaweed, swaying in the current.

And look at those cute bows on the shoulders of the dress!

Merry says that the outfit is pretty enough to wear at any warm weather party.

Ruby Red Galleria - Siblies

 The one doll I bought in the UFDC Convention Sales Room is Kelsey, a Siblies doll by Ruby Red Galleria.

The Siblies are 12 inches tall and are meant to be the younger siblings of the Ruby Red Fashion Friends.

There are currently 5 Siblies dolls.

She is so very cute and comes dressed in a great outfit. Her orange hip-pack opens and has space for her to store small items.

I think her face-mold is the same as, or really close, to Merry's (a Little Darling doll) face-mold (in the yellow).

Many of the Ruby Red Fashion Friends have Dianna Effner molds, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Unlike my Little Darling doll, Kelsey has joints at her elbows and knees. This allows her a bit more flexibility in her posing.

Kelsey and Merry are ready for the first day of school - tomorrow. And so am I.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Little Darlings "By the Sea" - Blue Variant

Lately, when I attempt a new doll clothes pattern for an outfit for someone else, I have been making a trial version for myself. 

So I made my version of the Sailor Romper in blue.

I'm glad I made a trial version, since: A - it is so cute, and B - the first hat pattern I made was not perfect. The one I made for the red outfit turned out much nicer.

Unlike the red romper, I did not put stars on the sailor bib.

Instead, I added extra stars to the hat.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Little Darlings "By the Sea"

Our small groups third Little Darling outfit exchange theme was By the Sea, since we were going to exchange the outfits at convention.

Taking inspiration from a photo of me as a pre-teen, I decided to create a sailor romper and hat.

My recipient also was given the unicorn floatie, because it is just too cute.

Here are two old photos that inspired me.

I think it turned out well.