Saturday, October 19, 2013

Metrodolls Swag

I had a fellow doll lover proxy the recent Metrodolls Event, Style Evolution. The packages arrived yesterday, and I am very excited to share my new doll and fashions with you.

First up, Metro Girl Ellowyne, shown here holding a Vogue magazine and looking fierce in her red plaid and black "leather" outfit.

Click on images to enlarge.

What a lovely face!

Besides the doll, fashions and vogue magazines were included in my items. Here is my Madame Alexander Sienna Evans modeling all the different looks.

Here she is wearing a 2 piece sweater set, white capris, and matching blue pumps.
The pullover sweater through me for a loop, at first. I could not figure how to maneuver it over her head and hands. That was when I realized that she might be able to step into it. It worked, and she looks great.

She changed out of the capris, and into a smart grey pencil skirt. I also added pearls (that I already had).

The last piece of this mix and match set, is this amazing sheath dress. A sophisticated look for work or play.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bali: Private Pool Perks

One of the best things about our villa, it had a private pool. A private pool that was walled off from unwanted eyes, outfitted with a shaded daybed, lawn furniture, and exotic flowers. 

Licca traveled to Bali with us and had a photo shot out by the pool.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bali: A Week in Paradise

I am becoming an experienced world traveler. Our most recent excursion was to Bali.

We checked in to the resort at about 12:30AM. We were exhausted, but we were still given flower chains and welcome fruit juice drinks.

Our villa was swank.

The fruit bowl held tiny bananas, green oranges, ans snake fruit.

Most morning, we has breakfast at the outside restaurant. Dinner and lunch was outside, also, but by the pool.

The resort grounds were beautifully decorated and very relaxing.

Our first dinner was the Balinese Cultural Night, complete with food and drink, music, and dancing.

At the end of the night, the dancers invited the guests up to dance with them. I got to use my mad snake arm moves from our belly dance videos. ;)
Group pictures were then taken.

The next morning, we took a tour of the Ubud Wet Market (where locals shop, 4AM-9AM), and drove out to view some rice fields.

Our guide demonstrated how to make an offering packet out of a banana leaf.

Our guide then took us on a tour of a traditional Balinese home that belongs to a friend of his.

Little pigs.

Big Pig.

The pig was enthralled by David. This photo does not show her size, she was huge.

To be continued.