Sunday, May 9, 2021

A Cherry Blossom May Day

Yesterday was the my doll club's May Day Celebration. This year the theme was "A Cherry Blossom May Day".

Today I created a cherry blossom doll display , using the event doll and 4 other dolls that I own.

On the far right are a 12" Horsman doll that I received as a gift this Christmas. She is a replacement of one of the dolls I got for my first Christmas. It was pure luck that I spied her in an on-line auction.

In front of her is DDung - Romantic 2 (Top Promotion) and her pink teddy bear. I got her on one of my trips to Korea.

On the far left is Baby The Stars Shine Bright Jenny (Takara Tomy). She was the last Jenny I purchased while in Japan.

In the middle is Hello Kitty Loves Licca Chan.

And front left is the event doll - a Yu Ping doll by Ruby Red Galleria in an exclusive outfit.

The cherry blossoms may no longer be blooming outside, but they are blooming in my house.