Thursday, December 29, 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Dolly Year in Review

A look back at some of the dolls I got this year, 2016.

There were more, of course. It was a really good dolly year.

May the New Year be even better for all of my friends and readers.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Skipper Holiday Photo

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here.

The house is mostly decorated and the stockings are hung.

So I thought it was time to do some Holiday photos of the dolls. This year, the Skipper family decided they wanted one. So here they are.

From Left to Right: Homecoming Skipper, Cool Crimp Skipper, 50th Anniversary Skipper, Skipper as Velma, Pose n Play Tiff, Safari Fun Sisters Skipper, Sledding Fun Sisters Skipper, Super Teen Skipper, and Scott.

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mewni, the Mewnicorn

Mewni is Here!

Mewni is a stuffed rainbow Mewnicorn (a cross between a cat and a Unicorn) created by Ash Evans. 

Isn't it adorable?

As an added bonus, Mewnie came with 2 stickers, a lapel pin, a thank you card, and an artist's certificate.

Mewni was available through Kickstarter. In the next year, she will have a Kickstarter for Stormy, the Dark Mewnicorn. I can't wait.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Middle School Moguls - Jada

I haven't posted much lately. I had an unexpected surgery and a week or so of recovery, followed by Halloween stuff, election stuff, and just everything else got in the way of posting. But, now I'm back and ready to share.

This is Middle School Moguls - Jada.

I supported the Kickstarter for the dolls and she really cheered me up when she arrived, since I had been feeling sorry for myself just after the foot surgery.

The doll company even sent me a pair of plastic Middle School Moguls eyeglasses.

Jada is about 12 inches tall and has a huge head.

There were a lot of plastic ties holding her to the box.

All the dolls come with a short book about the Moguls. The books are choose-your-own-adventure style with 4 possible endings.

I was not impressed with the story in Jada's book. I would have liked to have read about her actually using her graphics skills, rather than relying on chance to get out of predicaments. Maybe the books will get better as they write more of them.

She has jointed knees, elbows, and ankles, which make her pretty posable.

I went looking for dolls that might be close in scale to her. Blythe is probably the closest in scale.

Pullip is a lot taller than Jada.

Barbie and Abby Bominable, the Monster High doll, have tiny heads compared to Jada.

Hayden, a Liv doll, and the Bratzilla are a little closer in size.

This group could be playable, but Jada looks super deformed next to their realistic faces.

It turns out that Jada can wear Miss UFDC's clothing pretty well, even though she is shorter.

Don't those fox jammies look cute on her?

She was also able to fit into a Sparkle girls dress, surprisingly. Her lower torso is very round, but the cut of this dress fitted nicely.

Here she is in her birthday suit. This is the easiest way for her to sit without falling over, due to her oversized head. All the hair adds a lot of weight too.

I tried to sit her in this chair, but the back was too far back and she kept falling over.

This chair with a high back worked much better and she was able to sit in it.

I think she is really cute, but her large head is very heavy and makes her fall over a lot. And while her hip joints provide good movement, it was really hard to put her leggings on since they kept getting caught in the joints. Overall, I like her and hope that there will eventually be a second series that fixes some of these issues.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pose n' Play Tiff

I found an extra special treat at a thrift store recently.

A Pose n' Play Tiff in really great condition. She was released in 1972 by Mattel and was Skippers tomboy friend.

This doll was pretty dirty. I cleaned her with Dawn dish detergent and water.

For the extra grimy spots I used a little rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip.

As you can see, she cleaned up well, and looks adorable in her Sparkle Girls fashion. She just needs a pair of shoes, and maybe a belt.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Moonlight Halloween Barbie

It is late September, boy, time flies. So I decided that it was time to open up my 2015 Halloween Barbie doll, Moonlight Halloween.

I found her at Tuesday Morning this summer, at a great price.

Her box has great graphics, and even a maze on it.

She is really cute in her purple dress with cats on it and her cat ears headband.

 She even has purple streaks in her hair to match her dress.

After being unboxed, she joined her fellow witches in the living room.

From left to right: (Back row) Gothic Romance by Tonner, Pop Goes Oz Wicked Witch by Wilde Imagination, Metro Girl Ellowyne by Wilde Imagination wearing Woefully Bewitching, (Front row) Licca wearing Pure Neemo Magician Set by Azone, Haunted Beauty: Mistress of the Manor Barbie, and 2015 Moonlight Halloween Barbie.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Having Fun with the DC Super Hero Girls

The best thing about the DC Super Hero Girls is that they are the best of friends who fight crime together.

Like Batman and Superman, Supergirl and Batgirl are also (The) Brave and (the) Bold.

Throw Wonder Woman into the mix and you have Trinity (usually the guys and WW in the comics).

"All for one!"

"And one for all!"

"Don't worry, Batgirl, I'll pull you up."

"Thanks, Wonder Woman. You're super."

"Hey guys, did you forget about me? I'll fly right over."

"Whew! Made it."

Bumble Bee: "What's the emergency? Did Ivy and Harley go on a rampage again?"

Supergirl: "Nah. We just wanted to play with these cool figures."

Ok, so they are not having the most exciting of adventures yet, but give them time. There is bound to be a super villain around here somewhere. Maybe that is where Katana is, trouncing all the villains while these guys play.