Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cabbage Patch Craze

Like many other parents in 1983, my mother braved the crazy, violent, doll-hunting crowds in order to procure the perfect Cabbage Patch Kids for her darling children. She even took preference orders from us. I (12 yrs old) wanted a red-headed girl, not in a dress, if possible. Billy (8 yrs old) had a harder order, a bald preemie. Amazingly, she was successful on both orders. As far as I know she only had to "fight" one other woman for the red-head. In the end, she had two happy children and decided to never participate in that type of craziness again.

This is Claire Irene in her original outfit (Jeans, striped t-shirt, windbreaker, shoes and socks.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Collecting

When it comes to dolls, I collect the dolls that I like, not ones that I think are or will be worth anything. This makes my collection personal and manageable. If a doll doesn't mean anything to me, away it goes. This also means, that I have beaten up, much loved dolls that have seen better days. They are my special treasures, missing limbs and all.

Of course if I can find a pristine version of that special damaged doll at a decent price, I will happily snap it up in order to use as a reminder of what the toy looked like when he/she was brand new.

My favorite example of this is my Daekor Pot Belly Bear. He was my absolute favorite stuffed animal for, well, ever. Unfortunately he paid the price for being my favorite - his skin was sagging, he was falling apart, I even re-stuffed him. He still looked ridiculous. One day walking through Goodwill, I saw his younger, healthier brother (unplayed with) sitting on a shelf. He became mine.

The new Pot Belly Bear joined the original and the rest of the Pot Belly family (Racoon, Elephant, and Koala) in my home.

A photo taken the day I found the new Pot Belly Bear.
L to R: Pot Belly Elephant, Pot Belly Bear, New Pot Belly Bear, Pot Belly Koala.