Wednesday, July 30, 2014

UFDC Convention 2014: Part 5

At the annual business meeting, it was announced that the next convention will be held in Kansas City, home of the UFDC Museum.

The Souvenir Doll Artist will be Susan Fosnot.

A surprise announcement was that there will be a Barbie event at the convention.

The companion doll by Dianna Effner.

A Mariachi band entertained us.

The souvenir doll is adorable.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

UFDC Convention 2014: Part 4

The "Happy Trails" Luncheon was a lot of fun.

The speaker presented a great program on the popularity of westerns and western toys.

The centerpiece and companion doll.

The souvenir dolls by Vogue were, Cowpoke Jill and Cowpoke Ginny.

Regional meetings were held this day.

Our Region 11 Director with her thank you doll.

That night was the Tonner dinner. The centerpiece/companion doll was a gorgeous 50s Deja Vu in scarlet.

The dessert was lovely.

The souvenir was "Judy's First Audition" - a 1950s Deja Vu.

UFDC Convention 2014: Part 3

The rest of the week, the convention was at full blast with programs, events, exhibits, and the dealers room.

The first Luncheon I went to was "For the Love of Rag Dolls". The featured doll artist was Susan Fosnot.
The centerpiece was made of cowboy boots and flowers, with a hobby horse peeking out of them.

The companion doll, Anders, was sitting among the boots.

 The Souvenir doll, Annie.

The Texas rag dolls that the program talked about.

Our speaker with her dolls.

Next, I attended "Tea and Tales with Mrs. J.J. Brown".

The famous Mrs. J.J. Brown delivered a monologue on her life that laid clear the truth and lies that had been told about her.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

UFDC Convention 2014: Part 2

The convention offered 3 tours of San Antonio: the missions, a river cruise tour, and Fredericksburg. I went on the missions tour.

Licca joined me on the tour.

Our first stop was Mission San Jose (Saint Joseph)

Our tour guide was well informed and kept us entertained as she filled us in on the history of the area.

Here, she is telling us about the many uses of the Agave plant.

The ladies on the tour.

In my opinion, this was the most impressive of the three missions on the tour.

The second mission: Mission Concepcion.

The third and last mission: The Alamo.

In the evening, I attended the Ice Cream Social and talked to some lovely ladies.