Monday, April 25, 2022

Man-bun Ken Pandemonium

The time has finally come to remove "Man-Bun" Ken from his box.

He is Fashionista #13 - Distressed Denim - from 2017. He has the "Broad" body.

He has really interesting facial features.

And yes, the Man-bun. Such an iconic look of the 20-teens.

I wanted to see if any of my Kens could wear the Panda costume from the Cutie Reveal Barbie.

The three body types I own are Kens with the Malibu/Superstar body from the 70s/80s/90s, 1 Broad Fashionista, and 1 Slim Fashionista.

To my surprise, Broad Ken is actually larger than old Ken. And neither of them fit into the Panda pants or jacket.

Slim Ken is smaller, and much, well... slimmer.

He fits into the jacket, and should fit into the pants, but I didn't want to struggle with his tight skinny pants. The paws do not fit on Slim Ken, unfortunately. Barbie's feet are much smaller than his and her hands a little smaller.

So not perfect, but maybe Mattel will make Cutie Reveal Kens in the future so that the other Kens can dress up too.

Some quick photos of Cutie Reveal Panda posing with the Fashionista Kens.

Man-bun and Panda decided they looked really nice together.
What to you think?

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

#Licca #Latte-retro

 I ordered #Latte-retro Licca last week, and she arrive really quickly. I was surprised when she was delivered today.

She is part of the new # (hashtag) or Seventeen line of Licca dolls.

This particular doll is dressed in retro 1980s inspired fashion.

This line is aimed at older doll collectors (teens and up) than the traditional Licca line (children).

Included in the box is a photo booth background that Licca can be posed in front of. The box also includes the link to go to the @Seventeen_licca Instagram page to share and see photos.

#Latte-Retro, and the other #Licca dolls, are taller than my other Liccas, since she is meant to represent a 17 year old, instead of an 11 year old. So I knew she would have a new body. What I wasn't prepared for is that her legs are rigid plastic, like a Barbie Fashionista.

See the one bent knee? Wonder where they got that idea from?

I'm pretty sure her tights are not going to stay up long on those slick legs.

While I love the jacket, I think she looks best when it is off. That way the rest of the outfit can be seen.

For a size comparison, here is #Latte-Retro standing between a Barbie Fashionista and a regular Licca. Barbie still towers over her.

And a face comparison between #Licca and Licca. #Licca looks a little more adult and has lost some of the little girl look, but is still recognizable as Licca.

I have to say, I love her hair. The colors are wonderful. And the crimping is on point for the 80s theme.

I am a bit disappointed that the new #Licca dolls have stiff plastic legs, vs the bendy vinyl legs that I am used to with Licca dolls. And I probably won't buy anymore #Licca dolls, unless there is an amazing concept that I just can't do without.

That being said, with Jenny and friends no longer readily available on the Japanese market, it is nice to know that #Licca is there to fill in the teen fashion doll gap.

She really is very pretty and goes great with my collection.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Cutie Reveal Barbie - Panda

 I treated myself to a Cutie Reveal Barbie yesterday.

I had been looking at them on-line for a while, and yesterday I saw them at Walmart. It was hard to choose just one, since they are all so cute, but I finally decided on the Panda.

So cute!


I was excited to find out that her elbows and knees are jointed!.

Her jacket turns inside out for her every day outfit.

I really think she is cute.

Next up, I am going to see if the costume fits Ken. He'd like to get his cos-play on, too.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Toys R Us 100th Store Anniversary Licca

I decided that I should start unboxing and sharing with you some of the Licca dolls that I own that are still in their boxes.

So today I chose this one.

This is the Licca released in honor of the opening of the 100th Toys R Us store in Japan (Toys R Us 100th Store Anniversary Licca).

She is a reproduction of of a 2nd generation Licca doll and was released in 2000, I think.

Even her box is delightfully groovy in the illustrations.

Her hair is up in a style I have seen on a doll labeled 1st Gen, but her face appears to be 2nd Gen. 2nd Gen Liccas first came out in 1972.

She is totally mod in her pleather mini dress and white gogo boots.

As a special edition doll, she even came with a stand.

As a bonus, here are photos of the booklet that came with the doll.

Oooooh, I like the changing color hair dolls.