Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UFDC Convention - New Orleans: Part 4

Thursday, July 26th

Thursday started out with the UFDC Annual Business Meeting. As a delegate for Miss Carroll's Doll Study Club, I sat in the rows reserved for Region 11 voting delegates. (They were pretty strict about this.) Regional Directors and nominating committee members were voted on and a couple of issues were discussed. Next year's convention in DC was also brought up. It will be "An Affair to Remember" revolving around President Taft's Inaugural Ball. (Maybe I can be in the States for that.)

I then spent some time in the sales and helper rooms before volunteering by selling helper tickets for the rest of the afternoon.

That evening I attended the Ticketed Dinner: The Queen of the Mardi Gras - an Evangeline Ghastly event.

The table settings and favors.

The lovely centerpiece (Evangeline Ghastly - Ipswich Fog).

Robert Tonner presented the evenings program, which was a video about Evangeline, a slide show of her family tree, and some photos of the new dolls and accessories. When the centerpieces were drawn for, I actually won it. I was so excited that I squealed.

The lovely centerpiece in my hotel room.

An up close photo of her face. I love the vibrant red wig.

This is the banquet favor - Queen of the Mardi Gras. She is decked out in red velvet with gold accents and fur cuffs.

Wow, I actually won something. And the dolls are so lovely. I think I am now an Evangeline Ghastly junkie. 

Stay tuned for Part 5.

UFDC Convention - New Orleans: Part 3

Wednesday, July 25th

After breakfast I took the elevator to the 8th floor and checked out the special exhibits. They were spectacular. The exhibits were: Vogue Dolls, African -American rag dolls, New Orleans souvenir dolls, Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria dolls, Japanese Friendship dolls,Victorian scrap work, and the artwork of Susan Beatrice Pearse. 

I then headed back down stairs and deposited tickets into various helper buckets. Sooooo many helpers.

Next up was a presentation by NIADA artist Floyd Bell. He was an inspiring speaker and his dolls are beautiful.

Mr. Floyd Bell, himself.

I then had lunch out at Mr. B's Cafe and perused the competitive exhibits. Wow! There were some amazing dolls in there. Who knew there were so many different editions of Gone With the Wind dolls?

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with the Region 11 meeting (some how I wasn't on Reg. Directors list - it has been rectified - hopefully), and the open forum. I learned a lot about how the UFDC works. For dinner I walked to Mona Lisa Pizza - REAL pizza, a special treat. I made it back to the hotel in time to watch a presentation on Rare German Character Dolls. 

Wednesday was definitely an education!

Stay tuned for Part 4.

UFDC Convention - New Orleans: Part 2

Tuesday, July 24th:

This is the day that the convention really got up and running. I got up early and joined the line to buy additional outfits for the souvenir doll (Yesterday's supply had sold out). I met some lovely ladies while in line and time passed quickly as we chatted. I ended up buying 2 of the outfits.

I then attended the program: AV Contest Winners. The 2 winners were about: Santa artist, Henderson's Drolleries; and Identifying German Parians.

Next up was the Luncheon: A Taste of the Orient!

The ladies at my table were a treat and goodies were abundant.

The centerpiece.

Wow! That's a lot of table favors.

The meal.


Alan Scott Pate talking about the Japanese Friendship dolls.

Mr. Pate's talk was informative and entertaining and we could have listened to him all day. Unfortunately, some of were scheduled for workshops and had to leave when the luncheon was supposed to be over. I eventually opened up my souvenir doll late that evening. She is a 10" replica Friendship doll:

I think she is beautiful.

After the luncheon, I ran down the hall for the needle-felting class. I was really looking forward to this class. In the class we learned how to needle-felt and to shape the felt, and how to join pieces together. I did not finish my bear in the class, but I will finish it sometime this week. The instructor was very easy to follow.

I then went to the table hosts meeting, went to my room to drop off items and freshen up, and attended the opening ceremonies. After the ceremonies, little boxes of a cardboard table and little chairs were handed out to go with our souvenir doll.

And then... The SALES ROOM opened!

What a doll wonderland! My eyes practically popped out of my head as I navigated the aisles. That night I bought 2 dolls.

A cute 2003 reproduction of a vintage Ginny. I just love the skating outfit. (For some reason I can not rotate this photo.)

And a gorgeous Effenbee composition Ma Ma doll. It was love at first sight.

My last purchase of the night was an Alan Scott Pate book.

After depositing my priceless treasure in my room, I trudged down Bourban Street and found a restaurant for dinner. Then to bed I went.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

Monday, July 30, 2012

UFDC Convention 2012 - New Orleans: Part 1

I'm back from my first doll convention, and I had a blast! 

The convention was held in New Orleans and I had time Monday, before the con started, to do a little touring. I took the city bus tour and saw lots of interesting sights.

The Tour Guide going over our route.

The French Quarter.

The Ferry Boat house (and Ferry Boat house 2 across the street).

Fats Domino's house.

Katrina monument.

We traveled to the sculpture garden for a quick rest stop.

Commander's Palace.

Where I bought my tickets. 

Later that day, I attended the newcomer's meeting and the "Meet Your Officer's Ice Cream Social". It was at this event that the Souvenir Journal was distributed.

It is a lovely hard back book filled with recipes and doll articles.

Stay tuned for Part 2.