Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Glitter Girls and Little Darlings

Today I finally opened up the Glitter Girls doll I purchased over a year ago (and it is not even raining today).

I decided to take her out of her box today, since I found her outfits and accessories on sale at Ollie's today. I purchased two sets. 

A travel set

And an outfit.

Meet Poppy. She is 14 inches tall, vinyl, and has long red hair. She is Battat's answer to the Wellie Wishers by American Girl.

The first thing I did was try on her new outfit. I love it. She looks great in it.

Though I probably would have her wear her original blue shoes with the outfit, instead of the yellow shoes.

Next, I wanted to compare Poppy to my Dianna Effner Little Darling doll, Merry. Poppy is a little larger, and her head is huge compared to Merry, but they are pretty close in size.

Merry could wear Poppy's outfit, 

 But the shoes were a bit too large for her.

 She looked much better in the overall outfit.

And Poppy could wear Merry's dress, but it is a little tight on her and doesn't fasten in the back.

I redressed Poppy in her original outfit, and the two girls played with the items from the travel pack. Poppy has on the glasses (too big for Merry's head), the travel bag, and the passport and passport-
holder. Merry has the camera and map of the U.S. (She is also wearing her own shoes and socks.)

I could not figure how to get them to hold the balloons, so I held them for this photo of the two dolls.

I'm glad that I saw the outfits and accessories on sale today. And I am extra happy that the outfits (not the shoes) fit the Little Darling dolls. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Mystery Skipper Find

I found a fun Skipper doll at the thrift shop today. 

She needs a bath and to have her hair done, but she is really cute. And almost in perfect shape (she does have some scratches on her arms).

I just need to figure out who she is. With the eyes and bright lips, I am thinking of Great Shape or Sea Lovin' Skipper who had a haircut. Who do you think she is?

Friday, April 5, 2019

All of My Raggedy Anns and Andys

Currently, I have a small collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

As you can see, they reside together in a wooden doll cradle in my doll room.

My replacement Dress Me Raggedy Ann by Knickerbocker (c. 1970) and a reproduction Molly-E Raggedy Andy from Applause (1993)

Susan Fosnot doll from an event at the 2014 UFDC convention. I recorded the event in this previous post.

Springwater Cookies doll from the late 1990s.

Mini Raggedy Andy by Knickerbocker from my childhood lamp (c. 1970).

25" Applause Raggedy Ann from the 1990s. She had her own post here.

Another photo of my Dress Me Raggedy Ann. You can read more about her in this earlier post and this one.

This concludes my Raggedy Ann series of posts, for now.