Sunday, August 11, 2019

3 Cheers for Mikey and Nicky

If you have read all of my blog posts, you know that I am a fan of the Fisher Price My Friend dolls, starting with My Friend Mandy who I received as a young child for Christmas 1977. Since starting this blog, I have gradually added all of Mandy's friends to my collection.

My most recent acquisition is Mikey (released 1982), the boy of the group. I found him at the Rowbear's National Doll Festival that was taking place at the hotel across the street from the UFDC convention hotel last month. Purchasing him means that I have completed my collection.

Since I already had Jenny (released 1979),

Mandy (released 1977),

Becky (released 1982),

And Nicky ! In fact, I had bought Nicky earlier this year at the MLK Jr. Day doll luncheon that I enjoy going to, but hadn't taken her out of her box yet.

Nicky was the last character added to the original line in 1985.

Like the other dolls, Nicky is machine washable and her hair can be safely shampooed. The box recommends that instead of combing her hair, a pick should be used so that her curls are not damaged.

She comes in a cute cheerleader costume and has her own pom-poms. When she was released, Mandy was also re-released in a cheerleader costume. And the year before, Jenny was re-released in an aerobics costume. I guess it was the mid 1980s and athletic looks were more popular than sweet 70s dresses and the peasant look.

Now all the dolls are reunited.

Hip - hip- hooray!

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