Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's for Lunch? Rilakkuma Bento!

Licca is a lucky, lucky doll. When she is hungry, her mama feeds her well. Today for lunch I slaved for hours and hours and made her this wonderful Rilakkuma bento. (OK, Re-Ment did, but don't tell Licca.)

Included in this package is a bento box and lid (lid is not pictured), placemat, water bottle, lunch (lettuce, sausage, onigiri, and what might be a brown onogiri), fork, spoon, and a flatware holder and lid


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Visiting the Edo Tokyo Museum... With Licca

This weekends day trip was to the Edo Tokyo Museum. The museum houses reconstructions of Edo buildings as well as artifacts.

Licca decided she needed to go with me and she had fun traveling through time at the museum.

Looking down at the Kabuki theater.

A traditional temple float.

The local newspaper offices during the Meji Era.

Licca in front of the newspaper building.

A diorama of Edo.

This is how the important Samurai and their families have a picnic.

(And I thought bento boxes were nice.)

A detailed model of a palace.

Samurai armor!

Fire Brigade Standards.

The standards are pretty heavy.

Oooooo... a print and book store. 

Diorama of a dry goods producer.

Licca: I'd like a kimono to go.

Dave tries out for a job hauling water.

Licca: I love a parade!

Yes, that is a giant chicken on top of the float.

 Tokyo, I mean Edo, bay.

Let's go to the theater.

Licca: No popcorn?

Yes, that is a lobster on the kimono.

Riding a penny farthing in Meji Era Tokyo.

Yes, we have entered the Tokyo Zone. Cue the spooky music.

Yup, pogs have been around that long.

Licca: I want to ride the horse pulled trolley next.

The electric theater.

What's playing? Antony and Cleopatra, of course.

Post war Tokyo:

After the museum, our group went to a little glass studio and learned how to grind glass. A fun and educational day.