Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Scary Godmother Doll

In August 2013, artist Jill Thompson launched a Kickstarter project to produce a doll based on her book character, Scary Godmother, for adult collectors.

After many trials, tribulations, and changing factories, the dolls were finally manufactured and shipped. Mine arrived today, and she is glorious.

She came packaged in a lovely cardboard box decorated with her artwork.

Look at that face!

But, ohhhh, so many twist ties. My fingers hurt just looking at it.

She comes with a stand, her pet cat/ghost, 3 bags, and detachable wings.

She was meant to be able to carry the cat by the handle, but that is not going to happen. The cat is made of too heavy a plastic.

It took some doing, but I finally got the wings in. First I tested the holes.

Then, while the outfit is still opened, I slid the wing pegs through the outfit and into her back, before zipping her outfit back up.

One of the knee joints on my doll is a little loose, but I will undress and inspect her body another day.

I am very happy that she finally arrived. Now to read the books.

Monday, February 26, 2018

DC Superhero Girls - Frost

Meet DC Superhero Girls - Frost. There have been many versions of this character in the DC universe, almost all of them villains who go by Killer Frost.

But Caitlin Snow, is a hero, and has dropped the killer from her name.

She can absorb heat, generate cold, and create ice. Pretty cool. (Bad pun, LOL)

I haven't been buying the DC Superhero Girls dolls that were villains (Harley and Ivy), but I made an exception for Frost. Her character, Caitlin Snow, in The Flash TV show, is one of my favorite characters. She is brilliant, compassionate, and determined.

Plus, I love the colors used on this doll. She is gorgeous.

Generating ice.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

DC Superhero Girls: Starfire

DC Superhero Girls - Starfire was released from her package today.

Introduced in 1980, her real name is Koriand'r and she is from the planet, Tamaran. Once a princess, she was enslaved to another race for a time. Eventually she escaped and came to Earth, where she joined the Teen Titans.

Taking advantage of her exotic looks, Kory found work as a fashion model when she wasn't fighting villains.

This Starfire looks forward to fighting evil with the other DC Superhero Girls.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Prettie Girls

I decided to take a mental health day today and to unbox my Prettie Girls dolls.

Up first is Lena, a Prettie Girls Tween Scene doll by One World Doll Project, a joint project between Robert Tonner and Stacey McBride-Irby.

Lena is prettie because she is smart, according to her box. On the Prettie Girls Website her description is expanded - she loves math and enjoys reading and laughing aloud.

She is about 15" tall and plastic/vinyl.

She shares the body that Tonner's Maudlynn Macabre and LittleMissMatched use, with a different head sculpt. This means that she poses nicely and is capable of standing on her own. Hooray!

She came with a bag and an extra shirt.

Maudlynn and Lena hit it off as soon as they met.

They are already telling each other their secrets. I'm glad, Maudlynn has been a little sad since learning that her line wasn't being continued. Now she finally has a friend.

The other Prettie Girls doll I am sharing today is Kimani from the 12" fashion doll line.

I love how the colors in her outfit coordinate with Lena's. Kimani is a gorgeous doll, but she is a very awkward sitter.

It is a shame that the One World Doll Project ended so quickly, according to their outdated Website, they had two other doll lines in the works, including a baby doll line. Maybe someday they will continue the company.

For me, I am happy to have these two in my collection.