Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tokyo German Village Winter Illumination

If you are looking for an impressive holiday light display, Tokyo German Village might be the place for you.

The village is located in Chiba, and is not near a train station. It does though have ample parking if you drive.

The village was lit up with lights every color of the rainbow.

Once an hour, or so, a light and music show happened in the main marketplace area. Cat faces appeared on the buildings in time to the music.

Since they are a German Village, we tried the sausage platter in the cafeteria. It was... OK. The rest of the menu items were typical Japanese fare, curry rice, etc.


The Illuminations continue till March 31st.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Snoopy's American Diner

For Christmas I received the entire Re-Ment set, Snoopy's American Diner. As a huge Peanuts fan, I was thrilled.

I set up a Licca diner scene to show off the pieces.

Mmmmm... a Snoopy sundae!

Ren works behind the counter, scooping popcorn.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza, aw yeah!

Maki is ready to drink her huge mug of root beer.

While Miki gazes longingly at the cookies behind the counter.

The diner even serves breakfast, it's signature dish? Snoopy pancakes stuffed with bacon and a side of scrambled eggs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Goodbye New York

The next outfit Gene will model is "Goodbye New York".

The outfit consists of a red shirt, brown skirt, jacket, gloves, pantyhose, a hat, brown heels, a muff, a teddy bear, a handkerchief, and a hat box.

The hat doesn't quite fit on her hair-do, so I have tucked the black lace veil under the hat.

She looks gorgeous against the orange and yellow background in this outfit. I can imagine her waiting for her train and waving goodbye to her family and friends.

"I won't cry."

The shoes disappoint me. Who wears mules in the middle of Winter? She needs some nice brown covered shoes or boots for this outfit. Plus the shoes slide all around and fall off at the slightest movement.