Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Barbie Family

I was just wondering if there were Barbie and family members that I have not shared with you from my collection. Looking through my photos, I came upon these from when we were living in Maryland. It is nice to see some of these dolls, since most of them are in storage while I am in Japan.

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The top shelf holds:  My First Barbie #1788 - 1986, XXXOOO Valentine Barbie - 1999, Barbie Fun to Dress - 1987, Cool Crimp Skipper African-American - 1993, Pilgrim Barbie (American Stories) - 1994, Super Teen Skipper - 1978, Scott - 1979, Barbie Sit in Style - 1999, an 80s Ken, and Barbie's Friend, Rosie O'Donnell - 1999.

Barbie Sit in Style is hiding behind Skipper, so here is a photo (not the best) of her. I took these photos before I packed up all the dolls.


The middle shelf has Superstar Christie - 1980.

And the bottom shelf hold Malibu Barbie - 1971, and another 80s Ken.

Of these, I only brought Barbie Fun to Dress, Super Teen Skipper, and Scott with me. They look forward to being reunited with their family and friends in a few years.

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  1. Wow you have quite a big doll collection! It's nice that they are safely in storage while you are away! I am not a huge fan of Barbie dolls but some of them are quite beautiful. I think I like Skipper the best!