Thursday, February 20, 2014

Moxie Girlz Bria

Last year I bought Moxie Girlz - Basic Bria when she was on sale. I only opened her up this past month, and I have to say she is really very sweet. I've never had a Moxie Girlz before and am pleased with her, even if she has limited mobility - her legs don't bend - and her feet pop off. Eeek!

Other than that, she reminds me of the Barbie dolls of my childhood. Well, if I discount the HUGE head. LOL

She is really sweet. Her hair is amazingly thick and soft. I looked up the Moxie Girlz line, and out of all the current dolls available, they don't seem to be continuing her. Lots of the other girls though. Sigh.

For a treat, I also bought a mini Cabbage Patch Kid. I couldn't resist.

Donte is quite the charmer.

He is also just the right size for Bria to play with.


  1. I saw the Moxie Girlz in store before and I have to say they are really cute! I didn't buy any though because the feet thing just kinda annoy me. Also they have really limited flexibility. I didn't know they have good hair! It's a good selling point and I may consider them in the future for my daughter :)

    1. Sorry to say but they stopped selling them (hello from 2021!)

    2. It is sad that they are no longer around, but most doll lines come and go. They did have a decent run, 2009-2014.