Saturday, June 9, 2012

Puroland: Part 2

I have eaten lunch, visited Kitty's house, and rode the boatride. Now it was time to wander and see what I could see.

Looking down at part of the village.

The Discovery area.

Inside a bakery.

The inside front gate.

The table and my snack at Cinnamon Dream Cafe.

I even got a cute souvenir mug - Jewel Pet Ruby.

After my snack I was wide awake again and ready to see a show.

Purin and Badz -Maru introduced the show.


The costuming, puppetry, and choreography was breathtaking.

Here come the characters!


The wonder! The spectacle! The shiny blinking lights!

I love this photo.

The show, "Believe", was wonderful. It filled me with joy as I watched and listened to it. The show was very much Cirque de Soleil in its look and feel. This part of Puroland, I think, everyone can enjoy, even if the over the top Kawaii of Hello Kitty otherwise annoys you.

Even the rest room is over the top.

After the show, it was time for games of chance and shopping.
The main gift store.

My treats. 
I bought a Re-ment Hello Kitty Happy Birthday mystery box. I was lucky and got set #2 with the birthday cake.

I also bought a little Sanrio Puroland good luck charm. The Hello Kitty in bunny ears pouch and the set of towels were game prizes. 

I really enjoyed my day, even if there was no sign of Chococat anywhere. I went home tired, sweaty, and many, many Yen lighter.

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