Friday, June 1, 2012

Hiroshima: Part 2

For lunch we had Okonomiyaki at Nagataya, near Peace Park. We sat in a traditional room on tatami mats. The food? Awesome, but huge. The sauce was super tasty and the staff was fabulous.

The chef applying his magic.


After lunch, the next stop on the tour was Hiroshima Castle, also known as Carp Castle. The original castle was destroyed in 1945, and this is a replica that while appearing as the original was built using modern construction materials.

The view from the top of the castle.

If you look all the way to the ground, you can see our tour guides.

Inside the castle was a small museum about the castle and feudal life. It was in poor shape and could really use a modernization.

On the castle property is Hiroshima Gokoku Jinja Shrine.

The tour part of the day was over and we checked into the Court Hotel Hiroshima. After a brief rest, Dave and I hunted for dinner. We found a nice little cafe, Chamonix Mont Blanc, the owner welcomed us in and chatted with us in English. He is British, and the cafe had belonged to his wife's parents. I had no idea how hungry we were. Both Dave and I cleaned our plates.

Back at the hotel, we tried to figure out how two people could sleep in one twin bed.

Next up: Hiroshima: Part 3

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