Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Baby Born Surprise

Baby Born has joined in on the mystery box craze with Baby Born Surprise.

The packaging promises that the owner will unwrap 10+ surprises.

A nice feature, is that after cutting the package out of its plastic shell, the pink packaging is actually a cute piece of fabric that can be reused.

Here is what was inside the package: one 4 inch long baby, a booklet, and a little bag. In the bag was a pink baby bottle.

The baby is really cute and comes with its eyes shut.

She is jointed at the neck, hips, and shoulders.

According to the directions, I wiped the eyes with a wet cloth.

And... Tadaaa! A blue eyed baby!
She is a drink and wet doll. When she wets, her diaper changes into being covered with pink hearts.

Most of the other surprises are figuring out information about the baby using the booklet.

My baby has the Baby Blue Bear swaddle,

The pink hearts color change diaper, pink bottle, and the blond hair with bow and blue eyes face.

To figure out the baby's name I matched up the eye color with the hair color - her name is Peyton.

The diaper tells us the doll's favorite food - Peyton likes strawberries.

The outfit determines their birth month - Peyton was born in September, and I picked the day - the 13th.

And then the star sign is based on the above date - Peyton is a Sagittarius.

While she doesn't come with all the stuff that some of the mystery dolls come with, what she comes with is useful and won't be just thrown away. I wrapped the plastic shell with the pink cloth and made a crib for her.

Plus, I can see actually playing with this doll, not just collecting and using them as decorations like the LOL dolls. This is probably why the Baby Born Surprise dolls are a little more expensive than LOL dolls.

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