Sunday, December 14, 2014

Not Suzy, but Pretty Cliose

I am always hunting for the baby doll of my childhood. Christmas 1975, when I was 4 years old, I received the most beautiful large baby doll and I named her Suzy. My best friend/next door neighbor was named Suzy, so I thought it was the best name in the world.

Unfortunately, Suzy, the doll, not the best friend, had a tragic beheading and was gone by the time I was 9. 

This is the latest doll I have found that is close to being Suzy.

She is a 20+ inch, vinyl, doll by Eugene.

Like my Suzy, she is a large (18" - 23") baby doll, drinks and wets, and has sleeper eyes. Unlike Suzy, she has a lot of hair. Suzy had short, strawberry blond hair with a little lock tied up with a ribbon.

Also like Suzy, she has nicely detailed feet and hands, and the classic baby bent leg.

Suzy, though, had a hard plastic torso, and heavy vinyl/rubber limbs and head. This doll is made of a thinner, hollow vinyl. The last difference is the neck. Suzy's head was stuck on a neck plug. This doll's head and neck are one piece, and stuck into the body.

I redressed her in a cute 0-3 month Minnie Mouse outfit, for the holidays. I wish I had found it in newborn size, the sleeves are too long on her.

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  1. I have always wanted to hunt down my first doll too! I think it's fascinating that you were able to find something similar to your childhood doll! How convenient that the newborn size can fit her. Otherwise it would be a bother to find new clothes!