Monday, March 10, 2014

Jenny's Boyfriend, Raph

Yesterday I found this pretty boy at the local Hard-Off. 

He is one of Jenny's boyfriends, most likely Raph (due to the long hair). I've tried looking up which Raph he might be, but haven't found out much at all. It can sometimes be difficult to find Takara doll information in English on the web.

He has on a lovely ensemble that would be suitable for an evening at the opera or theatre, although he is missing one earring. (Though I can just say that he is wearing one earring on purpose, ala the 80s.)

He looks really cute with Jenny. Now I will need to get her a formal outfit to match.


  1. I have nominated you for the prestigious Liebster Award:

  2. He looks like Fabio :) He has a very elaborate outfit, especially for a male doll! I think your Jenny doll is so pretty.

  3. He reminds me of the 1992 Ellie's Club Raph. I've packed away my Jenny reference books - Rudi Tereul and David Wu's The World of Jenny and a Japanese text only Jenny book.

    Larraine has Jenny information online. She might recognize your Raph. Good luck identifying him!

    1. I found a picture of Ellie's Club Raph from 1992, and they do look alike.