Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Bandanna Dress for Sadie

I took some time today to make a new dress for Sadie (Madame Alexander Friends Boutique) out of a bandanna using  instructions from Hankreations.

I used a cute bandanna I bought at the hundred Yen store. It is covered with cats playing with tops.
Unfortunately, I got what I paid for. The bandanna was waaaaaay uneven. (I made the uneven part the back of the dress.)

What I learned: The directions weren't perfect for me, next time I will make the waist line lower; and she really needs a crinoline to do the skirt justice. Not bad for a first time try, though.


  1. I totally love the dress!!!! I think it does not look so bad in the pictures! An you can't beat that price :D

  2. Thank you, Jane Cherie. And yes, the price is right.