Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UFDC Convention - New Orleans: Part 4

Thursday, July 26th

Thursday started out with the UFDC Annual Business Meeting. As a delegate for Miss Carroll's Doll Study Club, I sat in the rows reserved for Region 11 voting delegates. (They were pretty strict about this.) Regional Directors and nominating committee members were voted on and a couple of issues were discussed. Next year's convention in DC was also brought up. It will be "An Affair to Remember" revolving around President Taft's Inaugural Ball. (Maybe I can be in the States for that.)

I then spent some time in the sales and helper rooms before volunteering by selling helper tickets for the rest of the afternoon.

That evening I attended the Ticketed Dinner: The Queen of the Mardi Gras - an Evangeline Ghastly event.

The table settings and favors.

The lovely centerpiece (Evangeline Ghastly - Ipswich Fog).

Robert Tonner presented the evenings program, which was a video about Evangeline, a slide show of her family tree, and some photos of the new dolls and accessories. When the centerpieces were drawn for, I actually won it. I was so excited that I squealed.

The lovely centerpiece in my hotel room.

An up close photo of her face. I love the vibrant red wig.

This is the banquet favor - Queen of the Mardi Gras. She is decked out in red velvet with gold accents and fur cuffs.

Wow, I actually won something. And the dolls are so lovely. I think I am now an Evangeline Ghastly junkie. 

Stay tuned for Part 5.

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