Wednesday, September 4, 2013

UFDC Convention 2013, Washington, DC: Part 5

Day 5

I got up bright and early for this last day of the convention since I was signed up to help with the Helpers at 6:30AM. I made my way to the Helper Room and we quickly got all the buckets moved down to the ballroom.

I then volunteered myself to man the computer during the drawings and enter the winning tickets. Yay! I got to be useful. I even won a Helper - a 19 inch composition doll in an original Madame Hendren outfit. Woot!

Here she is with another doll of mine.

I then had a quick lunch and attended a workshop: A Kimono for April. In the class we finished sewing a Kimono for a small doll.



I had enough time to head back to my room to freshen up, and then it was finally time to go to the Ballroom and do my Hostess duties.

I packed up my table favors, three types of flavored KitKats and a fan into a Kawaii Koi bag, and went down.

The tables were set with the Tonner American Model dolls. So beautiful.

Some of the table loot.

The ladies

Everyone seemed to have a good time and the conversation flowed freely.

The souvenir doll for the convention was a Tiny Kitty dressed as First Lady Helen Taft.

After the dinner I picked up my Centerpiece doll that I had previously purchased and the silent auction I won, 2 Ginnys in a trunk with many outfits and accessories.

Overall, I had a great time at convention. I met many different people, got to be useful, and started some friendships. (I also bought many, many dolls.) And I got the best compliment ever, the Banana Crew wants me. Maybe I will go to convention next year, even if it is in Texas.

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  1. Congratulations on your win! Your doll is lovely! And the kimono you sew looks really great!