Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tokyo Ramen Street

On Friday, we wanted Ramen for dinner, so we went to Tokyo Ramen Street, of course.

Tokyo Ramen Street is located at Tokyo Station, in the section called First Avenue Tokyo Station. There are 8 ramen restaurants grouped together. Choosing just one restaurant was tough, but we settled on Kani-Senmon Keisuki Kita no Sho.

The bowls were in the shape of Hokkaido, and the ramen were, coincidentally enough, Hokkaido style. The ramen was tasty and filling, but not too much. Unlike most ramen I've had before, I was actually able to finish this bowl.

Next time we will have to try one of the other restaurants. There was even one that had about 50 people in line for it. (Yeah, not going to wait in that line for Ramen.)

Afterwards, we explored First Avenue Tokyo Station and took a trip outside to see the station in all its glory.


The station is a beautiful western style building, and I'm glad I finally got to see it up close. 

We then, exhausted, headed home on the train. 

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