Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's in Japan

For New Year's, we decorated a little.

Japanese homes, traditionally display a grass wreath on the door and standing bamboo and evergreens by the door to welcome in the New Year. Since my wreath and bamboo are so tiny, I made a little display on the buffet.

Mochi and Mikans (Mandarin Oranges) are a traditional New Year food.

For New Year's Eve, we spent the evening at the O Club party. Cute and festive decorations.



The band.

Dave being too cool.

The perfect balloon that Dave rescued from mean spirited "poppers" at the party.

Today we took part in the local tradition of Lucky Bag shopping. Stores get rid of their old stock by selling items in "mystery bags" at a low price.

Bag from the Seiyu toy department - pink for girls.

Bag from the snack store.

My haul.

Dave's haul.

Skitter even got a bag. ;)

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