Friday, November 9, 2012

Kyoto - Day 4

Our last day in Kyoto it rained. In fact, it poured. So poor Barbara stayed in the back pack and did not get to see the Imperial Palace. We did, though.

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Our tour guide telling us about the palace, before we go back out into the rain.

Pretty painted screens.

Though this gate, we could glimpse, but not enter, the main courtyard and palace building.

The main gate for the Emperor to use.

A beautiful garden.

The tour was worthwhile  but it was hard to consistently hear the tour guide through the sound of the rain and people talking.

After the tour, we had lunch, gathered our luggage, and waited for the train. It was a fun and educational trip.

Note: If you are interested in visiting the Imperial Palace, go the the Imperial Household Agency to book a tour in English.

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