Saturday, August 20, 2022

Album of Americana - Barbara Fritchie Doll

 One of the two items I purchased at the UFDC Convention is an Album of Americana doll, Barbara Fritchie.

The box has some minor damage, but with a little tape should display well.

According to the box, she is Series 1, Vol. 5. Some of the other dolls from the line are: Molly Pitcher, Martha Washington, Betsy Ross, Mary Todd Lincoln, Dolley Madison, Clara Barton, and Priscilla Alden.

On the inside of the lid, an illustration of Barbara Fritchie is displayed next to a blurb about Barbara Fritchie.

Barbara Fritchie is a local icon in Frederick, MD, the town that I currently reside in. Her home, out of which she (supposedly) stuck her head out of the window, waving her U.S. flag and shouting at the confederates passing by is a historical landmark in town, and I was lucky enough to tour it when it was still open.

The doll itself, produced by Plastic Molded Arts Co, in New York in the 1950s, is a rather plain doll, of the plastic dress-me style of dolls. 

As simple and ordinary as the doll is, the packaging and story is a nice addition of local history to display in my home library.

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