Monday, August 8, 2022

2022 UFDC Convention in St. Louis, MO - Timeless Treasures: Pre-Convention, part 2

 Monday morning, Kelsey and I once again headed to the Arch.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.

After taking some photos outside, I went inside and toured the Museum at the Gateway Arch. What is neat is that the museum has completely new and different exhibits, than when it was the Museum of Western Expansion (which I visited in 2010 or 2011). Doing some research, I found out that the museum was renovated, starting in 2015 and opened in 2018.

After exploring the museum, I checked out the gift shop (of course) and then had lunch at the Arch Cafe. I was... disappointed. If I was just expecting tourist site fast food, I would have been OK with it, but the online write up about the cafe had me expecting great things. Oh well. At least I got out of the hotel... it would be my last time until the convention ended.

That afternoon I checked into the convention and got my bag and packet and worked the first shift at the UFDC Mini-Office. It was a busy shift. Lots of convention attendees signing up for events, workshops, and seminars. And lots of confused people too. Luckily, the Mini-Office was there to help them.

After an invigorating 3 hours, I met up with my roommate, and we ended up at the bar, again. This time, Kelsey got to hang out with a friend too.

Then it was time for the Pre-Convention At Your Service Ice Cream Social and Fundraiser.

We were able to see and mingle with the other attendees who had already arrived and catch up with those we haven't seen in person in quiet a while. A low-stress way to prep for the next day.

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