Monday, August 8, 2022

2022 UFDC Convention in St. Louis, MO - Timeless Treasures: Pre-Convention

Last week was the 2022 UFDC Convention in St. Louis, MO - Timeless Treasures! If you have following my blog for a while, you know that I Looooove convention. 

This year my travel doll was Kelsey - a Siblie by Ruby Red Galleria. Here she is sitting on my backpack at the airport as we waited for our flight to St. Louis.

After a few delays, we arrived  and headed to the hotel. I am pleased to say that we had a decent view of the Arch.

Once I dropped my bags in the room, I knew I needed to get some dinner, so I decided to check out the Arch Cafe. When I got to the Arch, I discovered that the cafe was closed for the evening. I was a bit disappointed, but took advantage of the quiet evening to snap some pics.

Kelsey and Thomas Jefferson.

Kelsey in front of the Arch.

The Arch.

Kelsey in front of The Old Courthouse.

Having decided that I had sweltered in the summer heat enough, I headed back to the hotel to eat at the hotel bar - Brewhouse Historical Sports Bar. What makes it historical? I don't know. Maybe it refers to St. Louis's history of brewing?

Being pre-con, I only had a short wait to be seated. Kelsey kept me company, since otherwise I'd be on my own. Right after my dinner was served, more doll friends joined me for the evening. The food was OK, and the portions were large.

The beer was decent and refreshing after a long hot day.

Then back to the room I went to unpack and get a good night's sleep in preparation for the next day.

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