Wednesday, August 10, 2022

2022 UFDC Convention in St. Louis, MO - Timeless Treasures: Day 2, Special exhibits - part 1

Day 3 - Wednesday - The Special Exhibits were now open!

The first exhibit I visited was "The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair Revisited".

It was impressive from the moment I walked into the room. Look at those flowers!

The room was filled with posters, maps, postcards, and souvenirs from the fair. There were dolls dressed as visitors and exhibitors though out the room in various vignettes.

The dolls below are indulging in this new thing, ice cream cones.

Period appropriate Barbie and her twin shared stereoscopic images of the fair with visitors.

There was a working model of the flower clock.

Remember that 1944 movie "Meet Me in St. Louis"? Of course it is represented in the display. Just think, the movie was released just 40 years after the fair, and already so much had changed. In comparison, the movie was released 78 years ago (!!!) and we still watch it.

This section had posters from some of the International and U.S. State exhibitions and coordinating dolls.
First up was the Alaskan Exhibit.

The Filipino exhibit. Note, if you look online you can find information about this exhibit. Not surprisingly, considering when the fair took place, some of the living people in the Filipino exhibit were not necessarily there of there own free will (trafficked) or treated kindly and/or culturally sensitively.

The Japan exhibit.

And Native American exhibits. Geronimo, himself, was there. I am not going to add my commentary here, do some reading and come up with your own thoughts on this. (I might be a bit cranky today.)

Cereal shot out of a gun. I had to laugh.

In a glass display case were souvenirs from the fair.

When done traveling through the exhibit you could spin the wheel and win a prize, just like at a fair. In this case, the prize was candy.

The exhibit was beautiful and very educational. Thank you, Region 5.

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