Sunday, August 14, 2022

2022 UFDC Convention in St. Louis - Timeless Treasures: Day 4

 Day 4 - Friday

The day started with the Annual Business Meeting. The officers gave their reports, things were voted on, and the location for next year's convention was announced. The 2023 UFDC Convention will be held in Bellevue, Washington (just outside of Seattle). The crowd was very excited.

I had another quiet lunch in the hotel room, and then headed down to check out the Publisher's Preview. I was able to purchase Goldie Wilson's new book! Then onto see the end of a program: From Daydreams to Dollhouses - A Young Collector's Journey by Christopher Aleman.

I took advantage of my mostly empty afternoon to head back to the competition room to take a thorough look at the entries and get some photos of my favorites.

Joel Ellis Dolls

This year there was an 18" doll in original clothing category.

Madeline Englebreit



American Girl Barbie

Barbie Outfits

World of Love

Some BJDs

Dolls Created by Owner - The Spirit of the West

Dolls costumed by owner - dressed for the 1st day of kindergarten.

Dolls costumed by owner - ladies dressed for a day at the 1904 World's Fair.

Dean's Rag Book Dolls.

Effenbee Little Lady

I also made a last pass through the helper room and deposited the rest of my tickets.

I helped out in the Mini-Office until 5, and then my roommate and I order delivery for dinner, since we were so tired of the hotel bar.
I skipped the evening programs and went to bed early. 1 more day to go.

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