Tuesday, August 9, 2022

2022 UFDC Convention in St. Louis, MO - Timeless Treasures: Day 1

 Tuesday was the first official day of the convention. Kelsey, my travel doll, and I went to the mini-office for our 9AM-12PM shift. Being the first real day, there were lots of questions on where the rooms were for the seminars, workshops, and meal events; as well as the competition room, helper room, and sales room, and when they would open.

I had a lunch event that afternoon: Merrythought - A Boy and His Bear - Forever Friends. 

The table centerpiece. It was surrounded by little bottles of honey for each attendee.

Kelsey brought her teddy bear - Shellie May to the luncheon.

I was impressed with the healthy lunch that was served. It included a baby kale and blackberry salad,

salmon with green bean over grains, 

and a carrot cake with more berries. It all tasted soooo good.

John Port gave a sweet program about himself and his stuffed bears, Christopher Robin and his bear - Edward Bear, and various stuffed bears through the years based on Edward Bear/Winnie the Pooh.

Our souvenir is Little Edward Bear by Merrythought. I like that he just came in a bag, much easier to pack than a cardboard box.

Table favors included a red vest for the bear and a Merrythought passport.

After lunch, I walked through the ODACA sales room, bought Helper tickets, and checked out the Helper room. There were so many lovely items in there.

We had dinner, again, in the bar, and due to the looooooooong wait, missed the opening ceremonies. I was sad about that. It was my first time ever to miss them. And then we waited for the grand opening of the Sales room with 700+ other doll people.

It was a long and busy day, but a great start to the convention.

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