Saturday, August 13, 2022

2022 UFDC Convention in St. Louis - Timeless Treasures: The Rest of Day 2

 After checking out the special exhibits I took a peek at the UFDC boutique, bought some helper tickets, and looked at the helpers. There were lots of wonderful helper items this year. And then I went to Samy Odin's program: The Art of Dina Velluti. This was wonderful after just seeing the exhibit, as it put the dolls in context.

For the first time in my convention-going life, I signed up for the Competitive Highlight Tour for the next day.

I had a quiet lunch in my room and went to the next program: KPM-Betlin China Dolls by Christiane Graefnitz. This was a really interesting program about dolls I knew nothing about.

And then it was time for the What's Cooking Beccasine? Afternoon Tea that I had signed up for.

On the table were adorable Beccasine candy container centerpieces.

The tea consisted of various small sandwiches, quiches, scones, danishes, and tartlets, as well as tea.

A friend brought one of her Beccasines as her travel doll.

After eating, Samy gave an informative presentation about Beccassine, her history, and some of the Beccasine dolls that have been made over the years.

Afterward, we received our souvenir dolls made by Connie Tognolli.

My loot: table favors and the doll.

Kelsey tried on the outfits that were given out as table favors.

Kelsey poses with her new friends.

Exhausted, I decided to nap that afternoon and skipped dinner since the tea had been very filling, so I had an early night.

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