Thursday, July 14, 2022

Daisy Kingdom "Daisy" Doll

 After quite a few years of only having winter shows, the Eastern National Doll Show - Gaithersburg, MD, had a summer show in June.

It was great to see so many doll people in one place, talk to friends, and ooh and aah over the dolls in the dealers' booths. I even bought myself two dolls. The one I am showing in this post is a last minute find that I found while getting ready to leave.

A Daisy Kingdom "Daisy" doll from circa 1991. In the 1990s, I would see the Daisy Kingdom dolls at the fabric store and thought it was so neat that there were fabric panels to make matching child and doll outfits, as well as patterns.

In 1999 or 2000, I bought a Daisy Kingdom "Pansy" doll for my brother's girlfriend's daughter, and made matching Raggedy Ann dresses for them. I wish I had a photo of them wearing the outfits. 

When I gave the "Pansy" doll to the girl, I also gave a boy doll around the same height to her older brother. The story on that doll could be a whole other post. (So I will save that for another day.)

This Daisy doll was marked at an amazing price, and in a Daisy Kingdom outfit, so she practically jumped into my arms.

I decided to pose her for July with two other dolls in blue sailor suits - Little Darling Merry, and My Child. Each has their own style, while being variations on the same theme.

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