Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mell Chan

Now for something different.
Mell Chan by Pilot.

She is a cute Japanese toddler doll with her own wide selection of outfits and accessories.

This doll is the short, dark haired friend of Mell Chan. The regular Mell Chan has short or long blonde hair. 

She comes in a yellow dress, white underpants, and a comb. The doll does not come with shoes.
She is all vinyl and is able to stand on her own.

I have one outfit for her - her 3 year old celebration kimono.

How adorable.



  1. She is so adorable, it's the first time I see that doll, I've never heard about her before.
    Her kimono is really cute

  2. She is quite cute, I've not seen her before. I love her tiny Kimono <3