Friday, July 24, 2015

Bialosky Bear Give-Away

One of the items I got in the TLC Boutique grab bag that I am not going to keep is a boxed set of Bialosky Treasury stuffed animals.

I had to remove them from the box, in order to fit them in my suitcase. That was OK, since the box was already pretty damaged. 

They are Cinnamon II, Nutmeg II, and Pepper, from 1995.

I'm not getting rid of them since I don't like them, I actually think that they are pretty cute. Instead I am letting them go since my stuffed animal cubby is already filled to the brim with stuffed friends that I have a sentimental attachment to.

See what I mean?

One lucky reader or Facebook friend will win this fun set. So if you are a teddy bear lover, or know a teddy bear lover, leave me a comment and I will enter you into a drawing for the set.

I will draw the winner August 1st.

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