Monday, July 27, 2015

The Shelves are Over Flowing

Dolls are still being unpacked.

And the shelves are overflowing. None of these are forever spots, since I need to purchase more shelving units. Until then, it is going to be a tight fit.

The two bottom shelves of both book cases still need to be cleared out, and all the 16" and up fashion dolls still need to be boxed. 

Plus, I still have two moving boxes of dolls to unpack. Maybe I will get to that later this week.

Liv dolls, Starr and Barbies.

Small dolls and more Barbies.

Vogue Dolls, Shawn, and Ken.

Liccas and small dolls.

More Barbies and other dolls.

A mish mash of dolls.

The couch is over flowing too.

As is the Raggedy crib.


  1. Nice work with the unpacking - they all look great!

  2. Thanks, sometimes it seems never ending.

  3. Wow you have an amazing collection! It's very neat though! I should organize my shelves! Good luck with the rest of the unpacking!