Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 UFDC Convention - Kansas City: Day 6

Saturday, July 18th

Saturday started out strong with the annual business meeting, the main reason for convention. Reports were read, delegates voted, and officers were inducted.

I made another trip through the sales room and bought two more dolls. I had already purchased 3 Ginnys, previously, so these purchases surprised me.

My first purchase of the day was this adorable hard-plastic walker. Now to find out what type of Ginny clone she is.

My second purchase of the day was Leandra and her yellow outfit. I fell in love. She will blend in well with my doll collection.

That afternoon I attended the Lenci program, but missed the Alice in Wonderland program due to my need for a nap. I was exhausted.

I visited the Helper Room one more time, got rid of all my tickets, and attended the Madame Alexander gathering. I didn't win any door prizes, SOB, but had a great time.

Some of the new dolls coming out.

I want the mini Wonder Woman! Batman is adorable, too.


  1. Your Ginny type could be a Pam by Fortune. The yellow looks really good on Leneda. Congrats on both.

    I enjoyed seeing the soon-to-be released dolls.



  2. Thanks, I'll have to look up Pam. I liked looking at the new dolls, too. Especially the 8 inch ones.

    1. Her GS uniform looks like a nice replica of Cosmopolitan Ginger's uniform, provided that hers is original to the doll.