Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015 UFDC Convention - Kansas City: Day 3

Wednesday, July 15th

While the people behind the scenes built the convention, I got on the 8:30AM bus to the National Toy and Miniature Museum and the UFDC Headquarters and Museum.

Photos were not allowed inside the Toy and Miniature Museum, since they are not officially open until august. Some of the exhibits were still under construction, but what was on view, was wonderful. This is a must see if you are in Kansas City.

The UFDC Museum was also lovely, with a wide range of dolls on display. Licca even ran into some cousins there. 

We arrived back at the hotel in time for lunch and I then checked out the Tonner sales room. I am disappointed that Tonner has not been in the sales room this convention and last convention. Having only 2 hours of availability to con goers on the Pre-Convention day is kind of a let down.

Historical signage in the convention hotel.

I then checked out the ODACA sales room, such lovely dolls, and the Doll Doctor's Association display, very interesting.

The view from the walkway.

At 7PM, the At Your Service Open House (and ice cream social) encouraged con-goers to socialize and donate to the UFDC funds. 

Tomorrow, the Convention will truly begin.

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