Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 UFDC Convention - Kansas City: Day 7

Sunday, July 19th

I had an early start that morning, since I was assisting with the helpers. A group of us made sure that all the ticket buckets made their way to the ballroom, where the winning tickets were to be drawn. The drawings, themselves, are quite a production. There are volunteers moving buckets, dumping tickets into bowls, drawing tickets, stapling winning tickets to their cards, reading off the winners, handing the winning tickets to the data entry people, doing the data entry, ferrying the winning tickets to the alphabetical/numerical order volunteers, and the alphabetical/numerical order volunteers who help people find their winning tickets. Whew!

I was one of the runners who took the tickets from the data entry table to the alphabetical/numerical order table. I probably lost a few pounds with all that running.

But, my hard work paid off, I won 5 Helpers:

An art doll by Celia Sullivan,

Patsy in Wonderland by Tonner, 

Mama's Pink Sweetheart Pussycat by Madame Alexander, 

A vintage Ginny with wardrobe, and a subscription to Antique Doll magazine.

I took a last stroll through the sales room, bought a doll. Yes, it was a Ginny, of course.

These are the Ginnys and Ginny-like doll I bought at the convention.

 And then relaxed. I wanted to be well rested for the Dream Come True Banquet later that evening.

At last,it was time to get dressed up and to head to the Ballroom Foyer to have a drink and socialize before the big event.

Licca got all dressed up in her jammies, after all, the theme revolved around dreams.

I found some of my friends to hang with.

And then, into the ballroom we went.

A simple centerpiece this year, but very appropriate, since it is Miss Unity, herself, the symbol of the UFDC.

I was added to a table of 9 people who are all from Northern, IL and belong to the same doll clubs. What was neat, was that I used to live in the same area and we knew some of the same people.

Another delicious dinner.

The presentation was photos of convention, and the UFDC museum to songs that featured the word Dream in their titles.

And then, it was time for us to open up our souvenir doll by Susan Fosnot.

What a fun convention. Every year it gets better and better. I can't wait for next year's convention in Washington, DC.

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