Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jenny's Friend Ellie

Digging in the bins at the Hard-Off, just before leaving Japan, I came upon this lovely lady.

She is Jenny's friend Ellie, manufactured by Takara in 1992.

I was amazed to find an unboxed doll of that age with plastic still wrapped around the hair.

Her hair is pretty matted, but still shows it's waves.

She is not in her original outfit, but in a lovely two piece graduation kimono.

Her skin is a tan color that compliments her brown eyes and chestnut hair.

You can see the difference of the skin colors here, where she is posed next to a different Jenny doll.


  1. Very lovely. They pair well together! I love their eyes.


  2. Wow she is a very pretty find ^_^

  3. She is beautiful! And her outfit is gorgeous!!! Very rare! Congrats on getting her!