Friday, August 2, 2019

Star Struck: UFDC 70th Annual Convention - Nashville TN, 2019, Part 6 - Competition Room

Friday morning came and all the club delegates got in line with their current UFDC cards to check in to the Annual Business Meeting and receive their voting cards and ballots. Annual reports were read nominations were confirmed and then the exciting part began. Someone was nominated for a board position that usually just gets graduated to. Chaos. 

At the end of the meeting we were extended an invitation to the 2020 Convention in Dallas, TX. The Theme is the Fabulous Fifties and the souvenir artist will be Dianna Effner.

Eventually the meeting finished up an hour later then usual and we were all able to get on with our day.

After lunch, I decided to finally head down to the sales room for a closer look at the the sales booths. A friend saw me and corralled me into doing a highlight tour of the salesroom, since she had only one other person signed up. It was a very nice and educational experience. We stopped at 5 or 6 booths were the owners would tell us about their dolls, and in the case of the doll artists, a little bit about how their dolls are made. One on one time with the dealers was quite pleasant.

Then I got in line for one last walk through the competition room. It was time to take some photos. 

Animorph BJDs

BJDs Similar to Berdine Creedy, etc.

Full Set Large Asian BJDs

Male Friends and Family of Barbie (not Ken, I think). Pictured with the blue ribbon is my Scott, Skipper's Boyfriend.

Artist Celebrity Dolls

Pairs and Groups of Celebrities. My non-ribbon winning Paul and John in Sgt. Pepper costumes are hiding behind the Dionne Quints.

Male Celebrity Dolls

Santa Clause

Girl Scouts


My Precious Moments Taffy is hanging out in the back row.

Male Friends and Family of Barbie

Female Friends and Family of Barbie. If you look closely, you may see Beauty Secrets Christie sporting her new, green, 4th place ribbon. 

Pleasant Company American Girl 


Lia, last years convention souvenir doll, costumed by owner for a particular time period.

The winner.

Paper Dolls created by attendees.

Dolls Created by Attendees.

Dolls Costumed by Attendees - dressed for the Grande Olde Opry

Dolls Costumed by Attendees - Dressed for Attending the Oscars

Bye - Lo - Babies

Horsman/Georgene Cloth

Female Celebrities

Composition Effanbee Anne Shirley/Little Lady

 Composition Effanbee Mama Doll

Composition Grace Drayton

Composition (I can't tell the fine print)

Composition Black Dolls

These, by no means, are all of the categories and dolls entered into competition. Instead these are a few categories and dolls I really enjoyed or found interesting.

Back in my hotel room, my two friends of Barbie, Scott and Christie, posed for a photo with their shiny new ribbons.

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