Saturday, August 24, 2019

Na nana na Batgirl!

It is a lovely day today and all my errands and chores are done, time to unbox a doll. When Toys R Us was closing I bought a few dolls. Today I decided to open up the 18" DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl, 2017/Jakks Pacific.

I was happy to find out that she came with her own stand.

As you can see, her costume is a little different than the 12 inch version, but it is very close.

She even comes with her Bat-Wing backpack.

Being made by different companies, Mattel and Jakks Pacific, they are not carbon copies of each other, but very similar.

Here she is standing next to an 18" child doll. 

I love the stars in her eyes. She is a fun addition to my super hero collection.

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  1. Don't bother to answer my other post, I've found them. :) I didn't realise this girl was so tall, but she's a beauty!