Saturday, September 29, 2012

Raggedy Ann

A while back (years ago) I was missing my Raggedy Ann something fierce. I saw this New Raggedy on Sale at the mall and made her mine.

She is a 25" Applause Raggedy Ann from the late 90s.

To me, she has that perfect look of innocence and fun that Raggedy Ann is all about, and retains the classic look, even without the shoe-button eyes.

I grew up with Raggedy Ann: I read the books, sang the song, heck, my whole room was decorated with Raggedy Ann (comforter, sheets, throw pillows, bank, planters, lamp, and doll). Not to forget my Raggedy Ann nightgown and my Raggedy Ann party dress. So it was a wonderful moment to finally have a Raggedy Ann again to call my own.

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